Artist Statement







The sculptures are an exploration of the frontier where the organic and the present intersect.  Wood, the culmination of a remarkable sequence of natural processes and steel, the result of an incredible amount of unnatural processes, are assembled into forms identifiable as both biological and man-made. New realms and possibilities are constructed from the fragments. 

Materials with contradictory origins rely on the other to sustain form and to create the inclusion of surrounding space.  The assembling of random fragments create  harmony without calm, and balance without symmetry, while void becomes object. The coexistence communicates a state where  acceptable  human conditions exist at the same time as the unseen reality that brought them to us. Welded steel scaffolds, wood laminations, and traditional  joinery connect the individual pieces into new ways of encountering the familiar. 


Sculptures and concepts in the art work and writing are the sole property of Steven Florman and shall not be copied or used with out the written consent of Steven Florman.